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MLB Draft Today

The MLB first-year player draft takes place today, or at least the first day of it.

The Marlins are drafting 6, 52, 83, 118 and 148 in the first five rounds in this year's draft. After that, keep adding 30 to the previous round.

The consensus by all the prognosticators is that the Marlins will select  Kyle Skipworth, C, from a Riverside, CA, High School.  However, don't be surprised if the Marlins choose Aaron Crow, RHP, from Missouri.

This year's draft is a pretty weak field, at least pitching-wise, and the position players are a bit suspect.  But that doesn't mean the Marlins can't find a few diamonds in the rough.

The draft starts at 2:00 p.m. and you can follow it here: MLB Draft Central .    You're probably going to have to click on a link or two to follow it live.  Your other option is to watch ESPN2.

Seeing how I will be at work when all of this is taking place, I won't be able to update the progress.  So, if you are willing, those who are able to, please post the Marlins selections in the comments.

I'm sure it will be appreciated by all.