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The Celebration

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In case you didn't see the Marlins celebrating yesterday's victory, it was a sight to behold.

And so after this 4-3 comeback win at Dolphin Stadium you had Alfredo Amezaga jumping into the arms of Mexican countryman Jorge Cantu by first base. This came after Cantu's groundball snuck through Arizona's tightly bunched infield.

Reliever Logan Kensing came running in from the bullpen to lift an unsuspecting Hermida completely off the ground.

Then there was Hanley Ramirez, who leapt onto the broad shoulders of catcher Matt Treanor. At first Treanor didn't realize which teammate was up there, but once it hit him that it was the $70 Million Man, he tightened his grip ever so slightly.

"That's a big load I was carrying," Treanor said, smiling. "I'm glad I didn't drop him on his back."


"I'm going to drop you," a concerned Treanor yelled as the celebration swirled and jerked and threatened to engulf him and the $70 Million Man.

"No, no," Ramirez called down to him. "I'm going to just stay up here."

Ramirez was still grinning as he recounted this story a little later in the winning clubhouse

Ramirez would later remark.

"It's more like school. It's more like family," Ramirez said.

Actually, that is an abbreviated quote.  I can't find the longer version.  It must be Monday.

Oh, speaking of Treanor, in case you didn't see his outstanding defensive on Saturday, here is a description.

Catcher Matt Treanor made the highlight reels with a nifty inning-ending double play in the fifth Saturday. Brandon Webb's bunt attempt went a few feet straight up in front of the plate. Treanor pounced, bare-handing the ball and firing to second to double off Chris Young.

But really that doesn't do it justice.  Here is the play on video:  Treanor's play.

Honestly, given the camera angle, it really doesn't do it justice either.

The audio in the video didn't work for me but that may be a Mac unfriendly kinda thing.