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Run Hermida Run

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In case you didn't see yesterday's game, Jeremy Hermida was a bit slow out of the box in his final at bat.

Gonzalez wasn't too pleased with the way Jeremy Hermida looked at his drive down the left-field line in the ninth inning. Hermida waited before taking off for what ended up as a double.

''You can't umpire,'' Gonzalez said. ``If you want to umpire, we will send you to umpire school. Don't umpire -- just run. You don't do that.''

Hermida said he waited because ''I thought the ball was going to go foul.'' Hermida went to third on a wild pitch and scored the winning run. Gonzalez said Hermida's hesitation didn't cost the Marlins.

''He probably wasn't going [to get a triple] anyway,'' he said.

True, seeing how the ball was hit to left a triple was most likely out of the question.  But it is good to see that Fredi, even after an exhilarating win, isn't letting the players get away with fundamental mistakes.