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Scott Olsen's first winless month

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As it turns out, June of 2008 was the first winless month of Scott Olsen's career.

LHP Scott Olsen finished the month of June 0-2 with a 3.13 ERA in six starts, the first winless month of his career.

"I just don't worry about it," Olsen, who hasn't won since May 6, said of his personal record. "Wins and losses are something to take when it's contract time. That's really not a concern at this moment. I'd like to win but it's not the bottom line whether I win or lose. It's about whether the team wins."

Olsen definitely pitched well enough to win some of his starts, but didn't get much help from his friends.  In his six starts in June he got an average of 1.8 runs in support in the average 6.2 innings he pitched per game.  Which isn't really impressive given the Marlins are averaging nearly 5 runs per game.

I found a real nice quote from Joe Nelson who felt bad about getting the win, even though it was his first win since Sept. 9, 2006.  He thought it ought to go to Scottie.

First off: I would quote Joe directly but I can't find it at the moment and I don't have time to look it up again.

Second: Hey Joe, be happy with the win!  And trust me, the way Olsen is pitching another winless month probably won't happen again