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Florida Marlins to carry 13 pitchers for now

Fredi Gonzalez is leaning to keep 13 pitchers on the team for now .

The club is carrying 13 pitchers, which somewhat limits manager Fredi Gonzalez's options off the bench regarding position players.

But with a young staff that has had its struggles to work deeper into games, having the extra arm has been helpful.

"We haven't decided how long we are going to be with 13," Gonzalez said.

Earlier in the road trip, Gonzalez said he would keep 13 until the four-game set in Atlanta. And 13 pitchers will be on hand at least through Tuesday night.

If the team opts to go back to 12 pitchers, which it carried at the start of the season, a right-handed hitter off the bench is what the team is looking at.

Fredi went on to say this :

Monday, Gonzalez said it was now 50-50 whether the roster would change.

"I think we need 13," Gonzalez said. "There are times when our starters don't go deep in the game, and we need the coverage." 

The original thought was that Burke Badenhop would be sent down after tonight's game and Doug Waechter would take his spot in the rotation.

Given how the bullpen is going at the moment, I doubt they will reduce the number of pitchers anytime soon.  Right now, it is anyone's guess as to who will be on, coming out of the pen, and who won't.  When that happens, it's the more the merrier.

The offense is still scoring runs.  It's the bullpen that is experiencing a rough patch at present.

Eventually, hopefully, the Marlins will return to 12 pitchers on the 25-man roster but the team doesn't have another off-day until June 19th, therefore pitching may be a premium in the short run.