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Kyle Skipworth introduced

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First round pick, Kyle Skipworth was in the house.

The Marlins announced the signing of catcher Kyle Skipworth, the team's No. 1 draft choice, on Wednesday at Dolphin Stadium. He received a $2.3 million signing bonus

The left-handed hitter out of Patriot High School in Riverside, Calif., met with the media, received kidding applause when he joined the team for stretching and took two rounds of batting practice before rain shortened it.

"I have goose bumps putting on this jersey," Skipworth said "I followed the 2007 draft and told myself with hard work that it could happen to me. This is a very surreal moment. I can't believe it is really happening to me."

Skipworth, 18, shared the occasion with his parents, Spencer and Kathy, his sister, Heather, and his nephew, 7-year-old Jake. He reports to Jupiter today.

Probably my favorite thing said to him was by Cody.

Then, just before Skipworth took batting practice with his new team...outfielder Cody Ross needled Skipworth, saying, ``Our first-rounder last year swung and missed a couple of times.''

The good folks at Gatorade sent me this video yesterday.