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Florida Marlins going green

And no, I'm talking about the color of the possible new uniforms should the Florida Marlins ever become the Miami Marlins.  Though I do like green, but I would rather bring the teal back, if they are just dead set on making a change.

Anyway, here is the story:

The Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays played what state officials touted as a carbon-neutral game Tuesday night, on the eve of an annual global climate summit in South Florida.

By the Marlins' calculations, more than 440 metric tons of carbon dioxide would be emitted during the game, from people traveling to the ballpark, stadium operations and other means. The Marlins, the state and the nonprofit group said the carbon footprint of the game would be offset through investments in reforestation projects across the Southeast. says reforestation -- planting trees -- can absorb existing CO2 emissions and reduce the excess greenhouse gases that humans have added to the atmosphere.

I saw the interview with Samson and can't remember how many, maybe if they grow, trees were placed in the ground.  The other thing I can't remember was whether the possible new trees were seeds, seedlings or something a little more developed.

I commend the Marlins for trying to alleviate the problem, however if they are just planting seeds, it isn't going to help.  Contrary to the folklore about Johnny and the Apple trees.  

But like I said, I really wasn't paying attention.  Which is nothing new when Samson speaks, since, normally, I don't care what he has to say.