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The Braman lawsuit suffers another setback.

With the trial a week away, City Hall scored one victory Monday in its defense of the so-called megaplan for Miami, when Circuit Court Judge Pedro Echarte Jr. tossed a key portion of a lawsuit that strives to topple the project.


His suit could have forced Miami to re-vote that approval -- a potentially embarrassing scenario for the backers of a plan that would help build a new Florida Marlins stadium, a Museum Park downtown, a port tunnel, and other projects.

Yet the judge's ruling Monday showed that won't happen, as the city argued successfully that Braman didn't have legal standing to challenge the agenda issue, according to Miami City Attorney Julie Bru.



Monday's ruling was the second time recently that Braman lost a legal argument. Friday, the Florida Marlins and Miami-Dade County won a slight victory when Judge Echarte shot down several attempts to get Marlins president David Samson to disclose the ball club's financial picture.

Though on the losing end on those fronts, Braman's lawsuit is still moving forward on larger issues. Trial is set to start July 1.


So far, so good.