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Robert Andino hearing crickets chirping

Robert Andino when he finally got in a game could, metaphorically, hear the crickets chirping and watch the tumble weeds roll by.

It's a different world in the outfield.

Just ask Robert Andino, a backup infielder who was sent in to play center field in Oakland on Saturday after Alfredo Amezaga went out with a groin injury. It was the first time Andino had ever played the outfield.

''It wasn't like the infield,'' Andino said. "There was nobody to talk to. I ended up talking to myself.''

Shouldn't have been much of a problem since I'm sure Robert has learned to entertain himself with all of that time he spends riding the pine.

At next year's Fan Fest, one of the tour stops should be showing the Marlins fans Andino's commemorative plaque on the bench along with his butt indention in the pine.

Talk about a crowd pleaser.