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Chum Bucket

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The Marlins are returning home from a 4-5 road trip.  Which ain't that bad.  While the Marlins were on the road they gained some ground on the Phillies are now only one back in the standings.

Tomorrow the Rays come to town and we a favor to return.

In the meantime, we have a Chum Bucket, where all is fair game.

If you so desire you can talk about Wimbledon, personally I will be watching the College World Series and cheering for Fresno State.  Nothing against Georgia but everyone likes an underdog.  But perhaps, you would like to discuss something else, then go for it.  And who knows, maybe someone will join in on the conversation. (Note: if you really want someone to join in, bring something up about the Marlins.  It is always a crowd pleaser.)

Have a Great Day!