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Stadium News - Sort of

The Marlins won sort of a victory on Friday.

The Florida Marlins and Miami-Dade County won a slight victory in court Friday when Circuit Court Judge Pedro Echarte Jr. shot down several attempts to get Marlins President David Samson to disclose the ball club's financial picture.

The two sides are readying for a July 1 court date...


Both sides will be back in court most of this week setting witness questioning and attempting to narrow the proceedings so the trial doesn't run too long. Echarte said he has vacation plans for most of July.

Boy, I would hate to predict the outcome, since guessing what judges will do is a complete folly.  But with Echarte throwing out initial stuff from Braman and the fact he wants to get his vacation started, could be seen as a good sign.  Kinda like the ump who widens his strike zone in order to make his dinner reservations, he just wants the thing over with.

But I like I said, these things are next to impossible to predict.