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Alfredo Amezaga could be out for awhile

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Alfredo Amezaga groin tightness is not letting up.

The team with the worst fielding percentage in baseball could be without one of its best defensive players this week.

Utility man Alfredo Amezaga isn't sure if he'll be able to return to action Tuesday after suffering a left groin strain in Saturday's game.

"It's kind of bad," said Amezaga, who didn't play Sunday. "I've just got to find a way to play with pain and we'll see how it feels on Tuesday."

Fredi says if it doesn't get better soon, they will put Alfredo on the 15-day DL.


Amezaga, who started in center field Saturday, suffered the injury when he came to a sudden stop while running the bases in the fourth inning.

Not exactly good news.