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Dan Uggla spokesperson

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Dan Uggla his now the new face of a protein bar.

It's been quite a year for slugging second baseman Dan Uggla. His torrid hitting has made him a regular feature of nightly MLB highlights shows and helped his Florida Marlinsemerge as a surprise contender for the NL East title. Now his high-profile on-field heroics have earned him another choice reward: a promotional deal with the makers of his favorite protein bar, Supreme Protein®.

Uggla discovered the bars less than a year ago and was quick to seek out the bar's makers in order to secure a dependable supply. When the company offered him all the bars he could eat, plus a sweet promotional deal, Dan was quick to sign on.


"I eat two Supreme Protein® bars a day," the slugging second baseman says.

Considering Danny leads MLB with 23 home runs, it might turn out to be a good marriage.

But really, in the future Danny, don't sell yourself so cheap.  At least make them name the bar after you before you sign on.  Now, let's see, what should the Uggla bar be named.....