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Cody Ross is in a funk

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Cody Ross isn't finding June to his liking, so far.

CF Cody Ross is in a serious June swoon after a productive May. Ross has one home run and a .200 average (11-for-55) in 17 games this month after hitting 10 home runs and batting .280 (14-for-50) in May. He has drawn just three walks while striking out 13 times this month compared with eight walks and 13 strikeouts in May.

Cody looks like he isn't seeing the ball very well and therefore is swinging at pitches that are either out of the zone or are pitcher's pitches.  But the one thing about being in a "slump" is, you can't get out of it sitting on the bench.  Really, the only thing to do is to keep sending him out there and let him work his way through it.  Cody will hit again, it just takes time.

Anyway, the Marlins not scoring runs isn't a problem and the team can afford to let him work through his difficulties.