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Andrew Miller is not a total baseball player

Sure, one day, Andrew Miller will be a fine pitcher, but he is no complete baseball player .

Miller, who was backing up at third on the fly ball, tried to pull a fast one on Rollins, sneaking in behind the unsuspecting runner and accepting a throw from Hanley Ramirez, who had taken the throw from the outfield.

''We should have had him out right there,'' Miller said of the third-inning play. ``If I caught it, he was out by a couple of feet, no problem.''

But Miller didn't catch the ball, which rolled into foul territory, and Rollins raced in to make it 5-2. 

Which caused Fredi to say :

"I was like, 'How the heck did that happen?'" manager Fredi Gonzalez said

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.  You can't hit at the major league level, though no one  expects you to, and you can't field at the major league level more than a pitcher is required to.  Your fielding job is to handle bunts, correctly backup the fielders and covering first when the ball to hit to the first baseman and he can't make the play himself.  It's not to try to make really nifty plays that were cool in high school.  You need to understand that this is the big leagues and when an infielder throws the ball trying to get an out , he throws it really hard and it has movement.  It's not the soft toss the catcher throws back to you after a pitch.

The idea and the effort are commendable but you are sabotaging your own start and possibly the team winning the game.  Just stick to what Andy covers in pitchers fielding practice.