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Stadium News - Sort of

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The Marlins organization is going full speed ahead with the new stadium.

The Florida Marlins are set to begin a series of events and announcements for their new ballpark, including the release of updated drawings of the facility.

The events are coming despite auto dealer Norman Braman's continued legal challenge on the project's financing.

Although, there are some legal hurdles to get beyond.

Marlins President David Samson is facing depositions as part of the lawsuit from Braman, former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Braman contends that the proposed $515 million ballpark, at the site of the Orange Bowl, violates the Florida Constitution by using public funding for a private business and misappropriates voter-approved bond funding to renovate the Orange Bowl. The matter is expected to go to trial July 1.

ROBIN REITER-FARAGALLI, chair, Citizens Oversight Committee, GOB, Miami wrote an editorial in the Miami Herald disputing Braman's claims .

At the time, the Orange Bowl was to be home to the Hurricanes. Now it will house the Marlins. It is still on the same footprint that the voters approved in 2004.

It don't come easy....