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The Florida Marlins pitchers might as well hit?

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Going into last night's game the Marlins pitchers were out hitting the chosen DHs .

Marlins designated hitters were hitting .143 (3 for 21) with one home run, no other extra-base hits and four RBIs going into Wednesday, when DH Mike Jacobs went 2-for-5 with a home run and three RBIs.

Florida's pitchers are batting .145 (18-for-124) with two doubles, one triple, no homers and six RBIs.

Adding in Jacobs performance from last night, the Marlins at the DH position for 2008 are now hitting .192 with two home runs, no other extra-base hits and 10 RBI.

Still, not exactly the stuff dreams are made of.

It took a few inter-league games to iterate how the lineup should be structured but Fredi, finally figured it out.

If you will recall, going into the series against Tampa Bay the initial thought was to rotate certain players in the DH slot.  But eventually it became obvious that Jacobs should be the DH.  In fact, this season, Jacobs is batting .294/.333/.647 as a DH, as opposed to his hitting when he is playing first which is .247/.278/.559.

Granted, it is a small sample size and it probably doesn't mean anything but once the Marlins placed Jacobs as the DH he started hitting.  In other words, playing for an AL club may be in his future.  The other ancillary benefit is that the defense improved  at third and first base.

Jacobs will remain the DH for the rest of trip with the exception when the Marlins face Eveland in the second game in Oakland.