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Justin Miller - Media Star

Personally, I'm not subscriber to Inked, nor can I say I have actually ever seen the magazine....anywhere.  But if it happens to be your cup of tea, so to speak,  Justin Miller is flavor of the month(s) in the new edition of the publication .

Right-hander Justin Miller is featured in the June/July issue of Inked magazine, in which he offers the back story for several of his tattoos, explains baseball's "Justin Miller rule" and reveals his plans for future ones.

Among the ones not under consideration: a tattoo of best friend Scott Olsen's mug shot on his rear. Olsen was arrested last year on a DUI charge. Miller told the magazine Olsen suggested a rendering of Olsen's scraped up face somewhere in the vicinity of his infamous "I [heart] Billy Koch" tattoo.

"I don't think my wife wants to see Olsen's picture there," Miller told Inked. "So we're not going to go with that."

There are a lot of ways I could go with this from here, but decorum precludes from me from mentioning most of them.  So I won't.