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My Father's Day experience

On Father's Day I went to lunch with my Dad and if that is the only thing that happened it would be enough to make it a Great Day!

The day started off with him asking me when Rice was playing to which I responded they are just now underway.  So he decided we should eat at the golf club where he is a member since the US Open really doesn't start until Tiger tees off and that was still hours away.  Sure enough no one was in the lounge and we watched Rice play baseball Fresno State play baseball and some guys wearing Rice uniforms who were just going through the motions on Sunday.  (As most you know, I went to Rice, but I'm sure they will deny it vehemently to this day.)

After the game the television was switched to the US Open and the crowd started to arrive.  One member of the crowd was an older man whom my Dad knew and introduced us saying the man's Father played in the majors.  Fortunately he pulled a chair up next to me and I starting asking about his Dad.  It turns out that the man's Father was roommates with Lou Gehrig, Casey Stengel and Jim Thrope during his time in professional baseball.  Also, he plunked Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb.  Cobb true to his reputation, charged the mound.

The poor man was trying to watch to golf while some idiot, me, was inconsiderately asking questions.  Maybe when I get some time I will write about our conversation but let's just say -- it was very interesting.

Anyway, the best time was spent with my Dad but meeting his older friend wasn't a bad bonus.