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Some Marlins going home this weekend

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And they say you can't go home again .  (Yes, I know, this isn't what the saying is referring to.)

Several Marlins are returning home this weekend as the Marlins visit the Tampa Bay RaysLuis GonzalezDoug Waechter and Mike Rabelo are native to the area. Justin Millerresides in nearby Palm Harbor, and bench coach Carlos Tosca lives in Valrico.

Tropicana Field always will be a special venue for Gonzalez. As a member of the Tigers, he hit the first home run there on March 31, 1998.

"I also hit the first ball into that Ray tank last year," said Gonzalez, who is 12 for 36 (.333) at the Trop. "They had just put it in. I tried to get the ball [from the first homer] and the guy wouldn't trade it with me.

"Growing up there, it would have been nice to play on that team, but I went to the Tigers as a free agent. Being in the starting lineup and having all my family and friends there, to actually hit a home run was pretty special. It's probably one of the bigger highlights for me in my career."

Judging from the info above, I'm guessing Gonzo will be the lineup for all three games.  I'm also guessing that water will be wet today.