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Florida Marlins Kings of the long ball

The Florida Marlins are on a pace to destroy the franchise record for home runs .

With the three home runs they hit Wednesday night against the Phillies, the Marlins surpassed 100 faster than any other team in franchise history. Florida reached 100 home runs in 65 games. The previous record was 100 in 88 games last season.

Also, in case you didn't know, the Marlins lead all of baseball with 101 home runs in 66 games.  Second place belongs to the Phillies with 95 in 68 games.  The Texas Rangers are in third with 85 in 68 games.  And those two teams play their home games in hitter friendly ballparks.

The Marlins team record for home runs is 201 set in 2007.  At the present pace the Marlins will hit 248 home runs.  Will they do it?  Why not?