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The Marlins and the designated hitter

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The Marlins are embarking on a nine game ten-day road trip with every game against an AL opponent.  Which means the Marlins will get to use, if they so desire, a designated hitter .

The Marlins, who play three games at each stop (Tampa Bay, Seattle and Oakland) have several options.

Gonzalez discussed using outfielder Luis Gonzalez as the designated hitter in Tampa Bay to keep him from playing on the artificial surface at Tropicana Field.

He also mentioned using shortstop Hanley Ramirez at DH to give him a break from playing the field.

One player who is sure to be playing almost every game on the trip will be Amezaga.

''I told Alfredo two weeks ago that he's probably going to play seven or eight out of the nine games on the trip,'' Fredi Gonzalez said. ``We'll give him a spell at shortstop, second base and even in the outfield.''

So when in Tampa, if the story is accurate, Gonzo will be the DH.  If Gonzalez is indeed the DH that means Alfredo will probably will hold down center and Cody will move to left.

After which Amezaga will spell Hanley and Danny in the field while they stay in the batting order.  Which is no big deal since Alfredo is probably the Marlins best defensive infielder and double switches won't be necessary.