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Jacque Jones DFA - Robert Andino returns

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As Hurricane reported in last night's comments, Jacque Jones has been designated for assignment and Robert Andino takes his spot on the 25-man roster .

Jacque Jones' stay with the Marlins lasted less than three weeks.

In a move that was somewhat surprising, the Marlins designated Jones for assignment after Wednesday's dramatic win over thePhillies and promoted Triple-A infielder Robert Andino to take his place on the roster.

The Marlins have 10 days to either trade, release or pass Jones, 33, through waivers. It's unclear whether the veteran outfielder would clear waivers this time as the Tigers would remain responsible for all but the pro-rated minimum of his $5 million salary.

"Man, right now, I need to just get my stuff together," he said when asked whether he would accept a minor league assignment. "It's not together. I need to get my head together."

There is no way he will be traded since he probably doesn't have enough value, presently, to warrant another team to give anything up -- including a bag of balls.  However, should he be placed on the waiver wire I'm leaning towards that some team will sign him to a minor league contract.

Jones is just 33 years-old and it is hard to believe he can't physically play the game anymore.  I'm not sure what the problem is, the Marlins couldn't figure it out and Jones sure doesn't know or it would've been corrected.  However, there is something going on.

Naturally we wish him the best in the future, but it is good to see that he will no longer take playing time from a younger and more deserving player.  I still think he should work on his pinch hitting, if he can get that down, he would be very useful to some club.

Well, Andino is back and I'm sure his butt indention is still intact on the bench.  My guess as to what this means is that Andino will now become the backup infielder and Alfredo will mainly play in the outfield.  I just hope the team doesn't go back to the lefty/righty platoon situation it had earlier in the year in center.

Sure, Amezaga needs more playing time than he was getting riding the pine as the backup infielder.  But Cody is hot right now and this not the time to severely cut into his number of starts.