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Cody Ross to see more time in center

Cody Ross is expected to garner most of the time in center field .

''He's making progress,'' said Fredi Gonzalez, who will continue to use right-handed-hitting Cody Ross against some right-handers instead of going with a straight Ross/ Jacque Jones platoon in center field.

I really don't who Fredi is alluding to in the part of the quote that says: "He's making progress".

Let's see, in the last 6 games Cody has played he has logged 18 AB with a .389/.450/.722 including 4 RBI and 1 SB.

Now looking at Jones, we get in the last 6 games Jones has played he has logged 13 AB with a .154/.214/.154 including 1 RBI and 0 SB.

I'm guessing Fredi is referring to Cody with the "making progress" statement.  Could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

I know all of the players need to play some, because it is impossible to stay sharp or in the case of Jones, improve, when you're just taking batting and fielding practice.  But Cody should be the everyday center fielder at this point in the season.

Let Jones work on his pinch hitting, something he may one day be good at.  He isn't now, but he is veteran enough to figure it out.  Let him start some Sundays here and there but the high majority of the time, let the Boss man center.