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Stadium News - Sort of

The Marlins are moving forward in trying to get the stadium construction firms signed on .

The Marlins announced Tuesday they are entering into negotiations with veteran stadium builder Hunt Construction Group, of Arizona, and Fort Lauderdale-based Moss & Associates to manage the construction of their planned ballpark at the site of the Orange Bowl in Miami. The joint venture will work with sports architect H.O.K. Sport on the $515 million project.

Presumably, the contract will contain lots of deadlines and milestones since the clock is ticking and the Marlins are on the hook for the cost overruns.

Once the Marlins reach an agreement with the companies, it is my understanding, that they will need to be approve by the County Commissioners.  And that is always fun.

The stadium is chugging ahead.  (By chugging, I mean the railroad train sense and not the we have only three hours to kill this keg or we won't get our deposit back sense.)