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Ryan Tucker revisited

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Ryan Tucker, a connoisseur of fine quiescence, learned how to throw a changeup while partaking of a meal in one of the country's finest eating establishments .

Rookie RHP Ryan Tucker beat the Reds in his major-league debut Sunday because he threw an effective changeup. And for that, he can thank Reds starter Edinson Volquez.

About four years ago, Tucker was a California high school prospect, who often watched Volquez pitch for the Texas Rangers' Class A team. "When I was in high school, my advisor was his agent," Tucker said.

"One day I went out to dinner with him at a Denny's after one of his games. He was showing me how he throws his changeup. Since then I've been throwing it the same way he throws it."

Volquez, who learned his changeup from Pedro Martinez, called Tucker after Sunday's game. "He was pretty proud of me," Tucker said before Monday's game. "It's sweet. He got to watch me pitch yesterday. Now, I'm going get to watch him pitch."

Nothing like learning a changeup over a Grand Slam breakfast.  Okay, he probably didn't have the Grand Slam since it was dinner but that is the only thing I know that Denny's serves.

Learning a changeup from Volquez is a good thing, he has a nice one.  Now all Tucker needs to do is throw it like Volquez.

In other Ryan Tucker news ,

Ryan Tucker made his major league debut in 86-degree heat Sunday wearing a long-sleeved black undershirt. It wasn't a fashion statement.

Like the heavily-tattooed Miller, Tucker has enough art on his left arm to require him to conceal it while on the mound. In 2004, the league adopted what is known as the "Justin Miller rule" when hitters complained Miller's body art was distracting them.


Tucker's pitching arm remains clean, but in September he got extensive work done on the left. It includes a spider web extending out from his elbow and a skull on his forearm amid a flowing design.

What Tucker needs to do next, body art-wise, is run into Billy Koch so he can also make a $1,000.  Of course it will mean having "I (heart) Billy Koch" tattooed on his butt -- it has been done before .