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Luis Gonzalez taking the role as leader

Luis Gonzalez has the attention of the younger the players .

(Note: I'm having to put some post together very quickly due to time constraints.  Sorry.  And this is one.)

''He's been a huge part of the next step to us becoming a complete team,'' said catcher Matt Treanor, whose three-run homer Thursday night sealed a 7-2 victory that ended a nine-game homestand with a three-game sweep of Milwaukee. ``It's instant credibility. I call him E.F. Hutton, because when he speaks, everybody listens.''


'Our leader,'' Jorge Cantu puts it simply.


Gonzalez has seen a difference in the team he met this spring and the one trying to prove itself a playoff contender. He doesn't take much credit. But he should.

'I've seen a change in guys' attitudes, the way they approach games. Their preparation,'' he said. ``I see more guys staying later after games, sticking around, watching other games on TV, talking baseball. That's what fosters teamwork.''

That isn't something you find in a box score.

It is too big to put a number on.

Read the whole story, if you have time.  It really is pretty well done.