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Mark Hendrickson never felt right

Mark Hendrickson couldn't find the feel for any of his pitches last night, but he proved to have a sense of humor along the way .

Hendrickson said it was a strange pitching night for him.

"I've never really had another one like this," he said. "Nothing was working."

He said Treanor came out to talk to him at one point when he was struggling, and suggested they go with Hendrickson's best pitch.

"I told him, 'Do I have a fifth pitch? Because the four I'm using aren't working.' "

By Marlins early season standards for starters, he wasn't that horrible giving up only one run and walking two in the 4.1 innings he pitched.  Naturally, we anticipate a little better outing for Hendrickson. but if that is an off-night, it can be lived with.

The Fish have an excellent bullpen and they can take the game home from there, as long as they don't have to do it every night.  Fortunately the pen was well rested thanks mostly to Ollie and the Hopper chipped in to the cause.

Hendrickson even unnecessarily accepted the blame for the length of the game .

"I just apologized to everybody for the pace of the game," Hendrickson said about the 3 hour, 19 minute affair. "That was a long game. Too long."

No apologies necessary.  The Brewers pitching staff probably had more to do with the length of the game than anyone.  And anyway, if a win for the Marlins takes all night long that is something we can live with.

Also, if any Marlins player happens to make the starting roster for the NL in the All Star game, they only have last night's game to thank, since it gave us ample time to vote our butts off.