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Burke Badenhop gets a win

Burke Badenhop may end up with very career as a major league pitcher, but he doesn't know squat when it comes to publicity .

The fact the Brewers' pregame notes listed him as ''Bradenhop'' didn't even bother Badenhop.

''Maybe they can give the two earned runs to that guy,'' said Badenhop, joking, after holding the Brewers to two runs on five hits in 5 2/3 innings. ``If they misspell Joe Smith's name, then I would say something.

``It's happened. I think they were calling me Bruce when I pitched in Atlanta.''

Look, I'm no public relations expert but even I know the first rule of publicity: I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.

Then again whom am I to give pointers when next to no one, other than FishStripers, spells FishStripes correctly.

But back to Burke.  He has a very real chance to be a good major league pitcher.  All it requires is that his sinker works and he keeps throwing low in the zone. And gets a little help from his friends along the way.

Just the way it happened last night.


Call him a long shot, a sleeper, but call him out to the mound every fifth day because the Marlins believe he has the potential to emerge as a valuable piece of the rotation.

''I have always had confidence in him,'' Gonzalez said. ``He was terrific tonight. He had a good sinker early, and he kept the ball down and threw strikes and got ahead in the count.

``We made some great plays behind him, but that's a by-product of good pitching.''

A couple of those great moments came from Alfredo Amezaga, who made two incredible plays in center field. He raced to left-center and made a diving, somersault catch to rob Corey Hart of an extra-base hit in the second, and then made a diving, over-the-head catch in deep center to rob Rickie Weeks.

''Amezaga was awesome. That was Mr. Amazing in center field,'' Badenhop said.


The Hopper only gave up only three fly balls last night's game and Alfredo's circus act took care of the majority of them.

The movement on his pitches is definitely major league and when he keeps everything down and under control he can be extremely productive on the mound.

When the trade with Detroit took place I never imagined that Badenhop would be the first player to spark my interest, but he has potential.