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Mike Jacobs tweaked his left quad

Whatever tweaked means.  Mike Jacobs experienced some tightness in his left quad last night in what should've been a home run trot .

The Marlins first baseman was removed in the third inning on Wednesday after he experienced tightness in his left quad while getting out of the batter's box on a two-run double at Dolphin Stadium.


While approaching first base, Jacobs began limping, and he trotted slowly into second base. The Marlins went on to win, 6-2, securing a series victory over Milwaukee.

Actually, Jacobs first tweaked the quad during his third-inning, two-run homer in a 3-0 win on Tuesday night.

"I didn't think the ball I hit out [Tuesday] was going out, so I came out of the box pretty hard," Jacobs said. "It kind of tightened up on me a little bit. The same thing tonight. I came out hard, and running the bases, I just felt it a little bit."



"He felt a little tightness," Gonzalez said. "We'll check him out tomorrow."

Pressed more, Gonzalez sounded more like he would opt for using Wes Helms at first base, giving Jacobs more time to recover.


The encouraging thing is the Marlins and Jacobs don't believe the problem is serious.

Who knows what Jacobs could do if he ever remained healthy for a full season, but given the data we have so far, we may never know.  If there is an injury floating around in space, it will find Jacobs and make a home.

I have no idea why one player is cursed by nagging injuries and another is not.  It's kinda like I have friends who drive twenty miles per hour over the speed limit and they never get a ticket.  Me, however, I get speeding tickets for driving 35 mph in a 30 mph zone, complete with a lecture from the officer.  I guess some people are lucky and others aren't.

Hopefully, it is as everyone thinks and his quad tweak is nothing to be concerned about.  And anyway, Helms has a history of making Brewer fans cry so giving him some playing time in the last game of the series ain't all that bad.