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Florida Marlins interested in Jacque Jones

As Jrsyeagle mentioned in the comments last night, the Marlins may be interested in Jacque Jones .

Cut loose by the Tigers on Monday, veteran outfielder Jacque Jones has attracted some interest from around the league.

A source confirmed on Tuesday that the Marlins have inquired about the 33-year-old.

Jones was designated for assignment on Monday. If the Marlins move in quickly on the outfielder, a deal could be worked out in the next day or two.


The Marlins have told the South Florida media that they have no comment regarding Jones.


Jones got off to a slow start with the Tigers, appearing in 24 games while batting .165 (13-for-79) with one home run, one triple, two doubles and five RBIs.


Slow start?  You think?

He can play all three outfield spots, and he is a candidate to lead off.

That's not the story I'm hearing around the campfire .

The Marlins are again discussing pursuing Jones (.285 for the Cubs last year), though some internally believe he is more of a left fielder than a center fielder at this stage of his career.

Left fielder?  He have one of those, granted he is on the DL but hopefully not for long.

Let's say Jones can play center, just for the sake of argument, and taking into account that I may be the only Marlins fan on the planet who isn't that concerned about center field at the moment. I can't see what he adds.  Well, other than it will allow the club to send Carroll down to the minors where he can play everyday and I guess also, it will give Gonzo someone to talk to on the bench once Willingham returns.

But getting back to the center field thing, it is doubtful he will be able to patrol the Bermuda Triangle as well as Alfredo or even Cody.  And the way he started out hitting this season, it will be hard to justify a spot for him in the lineup based on his bat alone.

Jones is on the backside of his career and I don't think he will add much, but then again, if someone needs to rot on the bench, I guess he will be as good as anyone.  That is assuming the Marlins don't have to pay next to any of his $3 million salary.  (Note: Jones is being paid $5 million for this season, but the Cubs are on the hook for $2 million of it.)

But if it were up to me, I would pass.