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Scott Olsen's almost big night

Scott Olsen did all you could ever ask a starter to do last night .

He had a no-hitter until the fourth inning, gave up two hits all game -- on a night that arguably was the best of his career -- and won his fourth game of the season.

And he almost ended one of baseball's most embarrassing streaks. The Marlins have not had a nine-inning complete game from a pitcher since Sept. 10, 2006 -- a drought of 213 games. 

I'm a little confused here -- exactly why is not having a starter throw a complete game embarrassing?  The way the game is played today and given the strength of the Marlins bullpen, why in the world would you extend a starter to get a complete game, just so you can say he did?

The Marlins need Ollie for all of his starts in the 162 game season and complete games are overrated.  No true Marlins fan will look back on the season and say: "Sure we lost Olsen for the last month of the season, but that complete game at the first of May was really neat."

One hit, complete game shutouts are very similar to throwing a no-hitter and it takes its toll on young pitchers.  They tend to over exert themselves, when tired, in order to achieve the goal causing problems in future.


The crowd booed Gonzalez when he lifted Olsen, who threw 100 pitches through eight innings. But he was up to 121 after he walked Joe Dillon on a 3-2 pitch to load the bases in the ninth.

''You give him every opportunity [to get the complete game] and then you make a decision -- not a popular one -- but we gave him every opportunity,'' Gonzalez said.


While I am completely supportive of Fredi taking Olsen out of the game since I think it was the right thing to do.  I kinda like it that the crowd booed, though I didn't hear the crowd's displeasure with the decision while watching the game on television.  But it is good to know that the ones who paid for their ticket and endured all the hassles of going to the park were really into the game.

The Marlins may not have many fans in attendance at any home game, but ones who do show up, are top notch.

Ollie will get a complete game one day, but even if he doesn't, who cares?  As long as he keeps pitching the way he is doing this season, a complete game will just be the cherry on top on the sundae.  It won't be the complete dessert course and I can do without the cherry if it means more ice cream all year long.