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Mark Hendrickson and Michael Jordan

The poster was all the rage over the internets and apparently in the Marlins clubhouse, but it doesn't tell the whole story .

The most memorable image of Mark Hendrickson's NBA career haunts him every day in the Marlins' clubhouse.

There it is in full color, greeting every player entering the video room - Michael "Air" Jordan, cupping the basketball in his right hand, soaring over a helpless opponent while gliding to the rim.

But the Marlins are amused by the lower half of the poster, which shows Jordan's right thigh crashing into the chest of the Philadelphia 76ers' defender - Hendrickson.

"He straight up got posterized," pitcher Scott Olsen said.

The image made Time-Life's Pictures of the Century collection, but Hendrickson, 33, prefers a different snapshot of him and Jordan.

Fine, it happened, and it is pretty good ribbing material for his teammates.  Ah, teammates, what would you do without them?

But that isn't the complete story.  Michael Jordan tried his hand at baseball and couldn't get past the Double-A level.  As it turns out Mr. "Air" couldn't hit a breaking ball to save his life.  While Mark isn't destined for Cooperstown he did make it to the majors and could probably easily strike Michael Jordan out.

Oh, and yes, I'm a homer, did you expect something differently.