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Brett Carroll wasting away

Brett Carroll was called up from Albuquerque when Josh Willingham was placed on the DL and since that time has been used sparingly .

Outfielder Brett Carroll has been with the Marlins since Friday afternoon, having been called up from Triple A Albuquerque (N.M.) before Florida's game against San Diego.

Recalled when left fielder Josh Willingham hit the 15-day disabled list, Carroll wasn't sure what his role with the Marlins would be. On Sunday, he saw his first action since his return to the majors, pinch-hitting in the eighth inning and taking over in left for the final inning.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Carroll probably would get a start in the upcoming series against Milwaukee.

''He's a guy on the bench -- but only right now,'' Gonzalez said, adding that he couldn't ignore the career numbers veteran Luis Gonzalez has put up against San Diego's pitchers.

``I'm the kind of guy who doesn't like to call a player up and then not play them. I don't like guys sitting on the bench because eventually you're going to need that player to contribute. That's tough to do if you've been parked on the bench for a week.''

I have no reason to doubt Fredi's sincerity about wanting the use players who are called up from the minors, but the fact remains: Carroll, as is Andino, is just wasting his youth away riding the pine.

I was hopeful that when Carroll got the call we could get an extended chance to see how he could handle himself in the majors, but that hasn't been the case and it probably won't happen this time around.

And that is a shame.

The two young kids aren't use to being bench players, it takes a veteran to excel at that roll, they are starters by trade and should get some starts or they should be in the minors where they can play everyday.  But then again, the bump in pay must be nice.

A new set of tires for the car -- Yay!  (One day I will explain that, but this isn't going to be that day.)