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Josh Willingham meets Jennifer Aniston

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This may not be good .

LF Josh Willingham landed on the disabled list (lower back strain) just in time to hear seven words most men in America would only dream about.

As Willingham emerged from the trainer's room Friday, a clubhouse attendant walked in and said, "Would you like to meet Jennifer Aniston?"

The actor arrived at Dolphin Stadium with fellow actor Owen Wilson to film scenes during the game for the movie "Marley & Me".

While the Marlins were in the process of dispatching the San Diego Padres, Willingham was in the tunnels of Dolphin Stadium shooting the breeze with Aniston.

"She said, 'So why aren't you out there playing?'" Willingham recalled. "I said I hurt myself a few days ago and I can't play for a while. So, you guys shooting a movie here?"

I can just see the logic now: "you mean if I go on the DL I get to meet an attractive female star?"  If that is the case, the whole team could end up faking injuries in the hopes of having such luck.  Not that the Hammer is faking -- his is for real, but the other guys, who knows if this gets out.

I really thought the Jennifer Aniston at the park was dead, but apparently not, given the U.S. media, it keeps going on and on...

[Update] Since we are getting so many visitors, the original story is here: Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson at a Marlins game .