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Chum Bucket

The Marlins have the day off while we are waiting for the Brew Crew to come to town.

So we get talk about anything we would like.  It doesn't have to be baseball, but I will very surprised if another topic takes hold.

I do have a question: Treanor is a better defensive catcher than Rabelo, or at least that is my observation, he has a better batting average and an higher OPS, not to mention a better CERA (catcher earned run average).  (Granted, CERA isn't a very good stat.)  And he has thrown out more than two times the runners than has Rabelo.  The question is: why is he only catching on Sundays?

That's my question, feel free to come up with your own.  And who knows -- maybe you will get an answer.

It's a Monday, and there is no Marlins game today, so this will be tough but..... Have a Great Day!