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Andrew Miller seeks an autograph

And Andrew Miller may have to wait a longtime before he gets an autograph from Greg Maddux.

Andrew Miller picked the wrong day to ask Greg Maddux for an autograph.

Four hours after dispatching an attendant to the Padres' clubhouse for a signed baseball, Miller turned in his finest start of the season Sunday. Not only did he pitch the Marlins to a 10-3 victory, he spoiled Maddux's fourth bid for his 350th win.


But Miller may have to wait even longer for his autograph. The clubhouse attendant planned to wait until after the game to request the signature. Seeing how Maddux was in a sour mood, he never approached the four-time Cy Young Award winner.

"It's not that big of a big deal,'' said Miller. "Hopefully, I'll get another chance to get one from him when we go out (to San Diego) in July. If not I'll have to go on the Internet and buy one.''

Something gives me the idea that Greg Maddux will give him the autograph, since he seems like a class act and all.  And surely, by July, he will have achieved his 350th win.

And if Miller doesn't get it after July, I will be willing to sell him one.  Now, I don't have an official Gregg Maddux autograph, but I do have a pen and paper and I can spell Greg Maddux, so everyone should end up happy.