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Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson at a Marlins game

In case you didn't see the game on Friday, the celebrity blogs were all a flutter with the fact that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were filming a scene at JRS for their upcoming movie: Marley & Me .  Not that I read celebrity blogs, but they kept coming up in searches I was doing about the Marlins.

While Ms. Aniston and Mr. Wilson were at the park, a certain photographer was creeping Ms. Aniston out, hopefully it wasn't a FishStriper, but you never know.

Photographer escorted from the park

If you would like to see pictures of the two while they were performing their craft, this site has them.

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson at JRS 

Also, if you would like to see Ms. Aniston lounging around at a pool at a Miami hotel, go here:

Jennifer Aniston at the pool.

Do I really care about any of this?  Well, no.  But is an easy and cheap way to drive up the traffic numbers for a day.

I will say this about Ms. Anistion, her running form is excellent.  I'm guessing she ran high school or college, if she went to college, track.  And, yes, I noticed she is very attractive, but I knew that already.

The weird thing is, I will probably buy the movie when it goes to DVD just to see how they incorporate the scene in the film.