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Florida Marlin TV ratings looking good

It comes as no surprise that most of the Fish fans stay home and watch the games on television .

Wednesday's 7-6 loss in 12 innings to the Mets at Shea Stadium attracted the highest Marlins rating since 2006.

According to figures released by FSN Florida, Wednesday's dramatic game drew a Nielsen household rating of 5.2, which was the most to watch the Marlins on TV since they faced the Mets on Sept. 13, 2006. That game drew a 5.49 rating.

The peak of Wednesday's game came between 9:45-10 p.m. ET, where 7.1 households (more than 109,000) were tuned in during that period.

The Nielsen ratings were from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market, and it does not include Palm Beach County, which has almost 1 million residents.



FSN Florida also is a pro team partner with the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Rays.

Marlins telecasts also stack up around the middle of the pack with all of MLB television ratings. In terms of home attendance, Florida ranks last in the league.

Of those Florida-based teams, the Marlins on TV typically rank at or near the top for FSN Florida.



The Marlins have fans, always have, but they aren't going to go through the hassles, in large numbers, of attending a game at the stadium in it's present location.

That, or they could fire Rich and Tommy, and hire some losers who will make it so painful to watch the games at home in hopes of driving Marlins fans in droves out to the stadium.  However, if the club chooses that option it will really backfire and ending up no one watching or attending the games.