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Scott Olsen has velocity problems?

I didn't get to see much of last night's game, but something did concern me about Scott Olsen.

Actually, I didn't see any of it, but I was listening to the Mets television broadcast during the first inning.

And it went something like this:

Mets play-by-play announcer:  Olsen misses with a 83 mph changeup.

Mets color analyst:  That was a fastball.

Mets play-by-play announcer: That was a fastball?

Mets color analyst: Yes, it was.

Craig: Oh, crap!

And then I read the conformation in an article today :

Marlins starter Scott Olsen struggled from the outset. He failed to get his fastball above 85 mph to the first few batters, and the Mets chased him after five innings.

Maybe Ollie had trouble getting loose on a rather cold night in New York, at least it was cold by South Florida standards.  It happens.

Just to top it off, this happened.

Marlins starter Scott Olsen was hit on his thumb when he attempted to bunt in the top of the fifth, but X-rays were negative, and, after the game, Olsen said he was fine.

Oh, like believe Ollie to tell the truth about how he feels.  Maybe he is, but he is such a competitor, let's just say, I will believe it when I see it.

Folks, we are on a velocity watch for Olsen.  Because if he loses anymore speed on his fastball, and I mean below 87 consistently, we are in a world of hurt.