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Florida Marlins going with a 4-man rotation

The Florida Marlins, at least in the short run, are planning to go with a 4-man rotation .

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez is going to take advantage of Thursday's off day and go with a four-man rotation through the first two series of the 10-game road trip.

Rookie Burke Badenhop, who has struggled of late, is the odd man out. Badenhop will be in the bullpen until next Tuesday.

Gonzalez will go with Scott Olsen on Wednesday, then skip Badenhop on the off day and go back to Mark Hendrickson on Friday in the first game in Philadelphia. Ricky Nolasco will pitch Saturday, and Andrew Miller will pitch Sunday.

Olsen will open the four-game series in Atlanta on Monday, and Badenhop will pitch the second game in Atlanta on Tuesday. The open day will allow all four pitchers to make starts on their regular four days of rest.

''We will go this way unless one of these guys comes in and says they need an extra day of rest,'' Gonzalez said.

It's what we thought would happen.  The Hopper will come out of the bullpen until his next start on June 3rd.

Not being privileged to watching the games live, I don't know how fast Badenhop warms up.  But assuming he can get warm fairly quickly, he might be a good addition to the pen in the short run.  Especially since he possess an out pitch that can be really useful in tight situations.  That is assuming he keeps his sinker down.