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Larry Beinfest to give a seminar

Well, maybe not, but a sports writer for the Mariners would like to see the idea come to fruition .

Just because the 2008 season has become a lost cause for the Seattle Mariners doesn’t mean there won’t be any reason to follow baseball for the next few months.

Here are some dates worth circling on your refrigerator-magnet calendar, assuming you haven’t thrown away your refrigerator-magnet calendar.



June 16-18: The Florida Marlins make their Safeco Field debut. The Marlins are winding up May in first place, with a player payroll the Mariners already would’ve exhausted.


If Florida general manager Larry Beinfest, who spent his formative years as assistant GM in Seattle, makes the trip, the Mariners ought to designate him the keynote speaker at a How to Assemble a Competitive Roster seminar.

Of course Beinfest isn't the general manager of the Marlins, at least by title.

It must be nice to know that his work since leaving Seattle hasn't gone unnoticed.