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The Florida Marlins front office understanding the attendance

The Florida Marlins front office has finally figured out the difference between the number of Marlins fans and the home game attendance .

Team president David Samson said: "I wouldn't say we have a lack of fans. We have a lack of attendance. People are watching on TV, they're listening on the radio. We want to do a better job of getting them to the ballpark. And we're not going to write off the next few years while we wait for a new stadium."

While I'm no fan of David Samson, credit must be given where credit is due, he is exactly right.  The Marlins have fans they just don't go to the park for a variety of reasons.  Whether it is the stadium is too far away or it is expensive to pay all the tolls and the parking on top of buying a ticket.  Maybe it is because of the possibility of sitting out in the rain or if your tickets aren't on one of the baselines, the sight lines in the stadium are horrible.  Possibly it could be Rich, Tommy, Raul, Cookie, Dave, Felo and Yiky are just too good and making it easier to justify staying at home and cheering on the Fish in the comfort of your own home.

But whatever the reason for the lack of attendance, there are fans of the Fish.

It is nice to know the front office recognizes the fact there are a bunch of Marlins fans, and that they will keep trying to get people out to the stadium.  Now, it may not work, and if it doesn't, the Marlins aren't losing a huge chunk of money since, thanks to the crappy lease, it mostly goes to Wayne Huizenga anyway.