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Fredi Gonzalez stays true to his roots

Fredi Gonzalez is stressing the winning of the series .

Gonzalez said. "We've just stressed trying to win series. To be a good team you have to try to win two out of three. When you do that, those wins accumulate and it makes it a lot easier going into August and September, especially if you can beat up on teams in your own division.''

Fredi is, without a doubt, a protégé of Bobby Cox.  That is the Cox formula for success: win two of three in a three game series, split the four game series and beat up the division rivials every chance you get.

Now, that is easily said, but not easily done.  However, if you can convince the team to look at only one series at a time and just focus on winning the series at hand, assuming you have the talent, it can be doable.

So far the Marlins have been successful in the above strategy, but they have relied heavily on the offense and an overworked bullpen.  If the starters can come around, and it is looking like some of them are, and the defense can play at least average major league defense, we may be on to something here.