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Hanley Ramirez's eye troubles

In case you wondering why trainer Sean Cunningham was spending so much time administering to Hanley Ramirez's eyes, it was just because of bad luck .

Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez downplayed the on-field eye problems that led to lengthy delays twice in recent days as trainer Sean Cunningham administered eye drops.

Ramirez, who does not wear contact lenses, said in each case it was just irritation and that it was a different eye each time. 

On Friday a bug flew into his left eye, Ramirez said, and on Sunday a gust of wind kicked up some dirt that briefly compromised the vision in his right eye.

Bad luck doesn't last forever.  At least that is what I have been told, though I'm trying to prove that adage wrong, but enough about me.

It's funny, but not in the ha ha since, how when one is in a slump (something he is breaking out of) everything goes wrong.  Not just at the plate, but in every aspect of one's life.  These little nuances will soon past and Hanley will regain his form of old.