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Scott Olsen not worried about velocity

Actually, velocity has two components: speed and a directional vector.  What Scott Olsen is unconcerned about is the speed part, the directional vector hasn't been a worry.

Don't you just hate it when bozos, me, get pedantic for unnecessary reasons.

Anyway, to the matter at hand .

Scott Olsen, who will face the Giants in tonight's series opener, has no concern about his fastball sitting in the mid- to high-80s instead of the low-90s. So far, the drop in velocity hasn't led to a drop in effectiveness.

"I'm very satisfied right now with where it was my last start," Olsen said. "I'm not going to try to throw any harder than that. I'm going to try to maintain 87-89. That's not holding me back. I feel fine."

I think Ollie is going through a little bit of a dead arm period from all the innings he pitched earlier in the season.  The drop in speed of his fastball hasn't hurt his effectiveness and we should see it increase back to normal in the coming starts.

This year Olsen is crafty enough that whether his fastball is at 87 or 92 it doesn't much matter, he still can get hitters out.

(Don't read this part) Should the speed on his fastball continue to decrease then we are looking at a possible injury.  And the Marlins can't afford that.

He says he feels fine and he appears to be throwing with ease, so ignore that part I said you shouldn't read, but you did anyway.