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Hanley Ramirez ain't much fun on the bench

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Hanley Ramirez had a hard time adjusting to the bench on Wednesday .

Manager Fredi Gonzalez is not worried about Ramirez rebounding. Ramirez hit .332 last season, and Gonzalez was pleased to have him back in the lineup Thursday.

"I couldn't wait to get him back in the game. He was awful," Gonzalez said. "Some guys don't know how to handle the bench thing."

I don't know if the rock-paper-scissors game wasn't his cup of tea.  Or if he was unhappy about the fact that Carroll and Andino had their personal butt impressions in the pine and where he was sitting was just straight hard wood.

Whatever the case, it sounds like he was messing up the Qi  on the bench and that is one good way to get one's self  back in the lineup.