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Payday for the pine riders

The two young men riding the pine are seeing bigger paychecks .

Even when young players aren't seeing much field time, here's why it's always better to be in the major leagues: the pay.

Consider Robert Andino and Brett Carroll, one of whom will be optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque upon Jones' arrival. Through Wednesday, Andino has made $112,951, the prorated share of the $390,000 major league minimum. In the minors, he would earn a prorated share of $67,273.

Same for Carroll, who has had 39 days during his two major league stints for a total of $61,802, about $3,000 less than he would have earned during all 2008 with the Isotopes.

I've harped on them not playing enough, for now, so I won't do it again in this post.

But if they are going to waste their careers away sitting on the bench, it is nice to know that can buy a new set of tires for the car.

One day, I really need to explain the new set of tires for the car thing.  But today isn't that day.