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1997 World Series Ring for Sale?

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There is an eBay auction taking place for an "authentic" 1997 World Series Ring.

1997 Florida Marlins World Series Championship Ring 

At the time I am writing this, there are no bidders but you can be the proud owner of the ring at the take home price of  $6,250.00.

The person who has put it up for bid claims it originally was given to a Marlins scout.

Is this legitimate?  I don't know.  But I will say this: in my opinion the 1997 World Series Ring is the better looking of the two Marlins World Series Rings.

The auction ends on May 28, so if you have an extra $6,250.00 laying around the house and you think you can tell a convincing story about how you were with the Marlins organization in some form or fashion, this maybe for you.

And even if it is a fake, and if it is a good fake, it should be hard to tell the difference in the night clubs.