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Last night's game

I wish my life afforded me the time to do game recaps, but alas, it doesn't. 

But a couple of things I found interesting from last night's game .

Marlins closer Kevin Gregg asked manager Fredi Gonzalez the other day if he could get on the list.

''What list?'' Gonzalez said.

''The one where you get to pitch,'' joked Gregg, who was growing cobwebs during the Marlins' recent losing streak.



''That's what you live for, moments like that, to make those kind of pitches under that kind of pressure,'' said Gregg, who struck out two batters in the eighth and, in the ninth, nailed down his eighth save to preserve the 3-2 victory.

''That was unbelievable,'' said Marlins starter Mark Hendrickson, who gave up one run in five innings and improved to 6-2. ``To have a closer come in the eighth inning with the bases loaded and get five outs -- you just don't see that happen. He showed why he is the closer."



''Ask Gregg if he wants to be on that list now,'' Gonzalez joked.

''Anytime,'' Gregg said. ``Anytime at all.''

Now onto Danny and his accomplishments.

Dan Uggla led off the sixth with his 14th home run of the season, giving the Marlins a 3-2 lead and setting a franchise record for home runs in May with his 10th of the month. There are still 10 games left this month.

The most home runs ever hit in a single month by a Marlin is 11 set by Gary Sheffield in April of 1996.  Hopefully Danny is about to rewrite that record also.

Someone remind me, what did that memo say that Jim Presley sent out to the hitters at the start of year?